Holiday time


This week my blog is going onto the Macmillan site. I’m quite excited about new people visiting my blog, last check was well over 2000! But also a little worried as I am also going off on holiday so there will be no new blogs for a while. I promise to blog the minute I return and I am ignoring a hint from a friend that I might want to blog on the beach. I can guarantee unless my eye decides to play up I won’t be blogging from the beach. Those that are new to my site, I have told my eye cancer tale like a story so its best to start at the beginning. The calendar on the right can take you to the start, its only back to May so don’t worry you aren’t about to read War and Peace.

My next eye appointment is in the middle of August. it was meant to be July but I sort of put my foot down and am not letting it dictate my life anymore. I’m going on holiday, the appointment can wait. Obviously if I had any signs that things weren’t stable I would have a re-think, but I don’t. All is good. Last years holiday wasn’t relaxing so months ago we booked a holiday that the kids have had on a count down app since day 186! We are off to Florida.  Disney, Harry Potter and all the rollercoasters they want followed by a chill out on the gulf side. As a family we are enormously excited. I’m most excited to just be together. With my husband and beautiful girls having a laugh, making memories. The girls are obviously most excited about all the rides. They have spoken of nothing else for the past 186 days!

But we had a tiny mishap days before we are due to leave. Middle daughter, she of the rounders and drama auditions and over dramatic books has broken her little finger -playing rounders! I reassured her on the way to x-ray yesterday that it would be a tiny hair line fracture with no needles or pins needed. It would be strapped up and we would be out of there packing our sun creams and T-shirts by lunch. But like all best laid plans, she needs plastic surgery, a pin inserted, a general anaesthetic. We go on holiday in 7 days I wanted to scream. The nurse looked at me a little like ‘What more important? Your daughters finger or your holiday?   Now this is where I exhale. Because lady, this isn’t just a holiday. We have had a pretty sh*tty year and we need a break.  But I smiled. I’ve coped with far worse over the year.  Tomorrow I will call the hospital to confirm her appointment and when I am seen I will let them know about our annus horribilis and plead and cry that she has to be seen and dealt with before Friday. I would never normally tell anyone about my cancer treatment but now I think, cancer is so crap that I need to get something good from it and if it happens to be getting my daughter shoved up the operating list a little quicker so that we don’t have to rearrange or cancel our holiday than so be it. I feel somewhat invincible, I know how important this holiday is for us all and am going to make damn sure it happens. I have reassured my gorgeous girl that broken fingers in no way ruin the fun of the rides. I would also just like to make a little point that it is her little finger that needs surgery, so it’s being shoved along the hand surgeons list and not in any way taking an emergency surgery place or a cardiac place, I don’t want people thinking this cancer treatment has made me a heartless b*tch, it hasn’t.

So if all goes to plan, she will be wearing a waterproof cover on her hand in Florida while enjoying all that is on offer.I will be thinking about cocktails on the beach and not blogging on the beach. And life will truly be good. Happy holidays everyone!

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