Reason to celebrate


Okay so the holiday is on hold. Not how I envisaged things to be with my previous I’m invincible blog. Clearly I’m not. When we realised that she would have a large cast on so wouldn’t be allowed on some of the rides and would have wires inserted into her bone that stick out and need removal in 3 weeks, so no swimming, the idea of a holiday in Florida lost its appeal. But only for 3 weeks. Insurance will cover it so we have re-booked it. The app countdown has restarted, the excitement is building again and it really isn’t that bad.

Yesterday I had to call a company to order a waterproof cover for middle child’s hand, so that she can shower without getting it wet. The lady on the phone started a conversation about why we needed it and I explained to her about this little finger that had caused big trouble. When I told her that once we have heard from the insurance company we will re-book, she said “oh you must celebrate then. We celebrate every little thing in our house.” I thought straight away she must have had experience of illness  or loss  because people don’t tend to celebrate the little things in life. They are usually taken for granted.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking these things for granted. I think its a great place to be, untouched by any tragedy. So few of us are. Most of us can think back to someone we would like to spend just a few more minutes with, to tell them we love them, miss them. Or to be with people we are scared of losing. Spending time together because we now know how precious it all is. No-one knows how long we have left. I listened to her for a while longer talking about how to use the cover and didn’t ask her why she celebrates or tell her that I also celebrate and ‘any excuse for bubbles’ will be on my headstone. I didn’t want to know.  I just wanted to hear that she looks for the smallest thing to applaud and that made me feel happy. She was a kindred spirit.

So now the holiday is booked and it’s a Wednesday and my blog is on Macmillan there is only one thing left to do. Pop a bottle in the fridge and celebrate. I just need to make sure all these little excuses I’m finding to embrace life  doesn’t turn me into a raving alcoholic!


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